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How our company was formed…


Before we started our own construction company, we did real estate investment.  We were usually not satisfied with the contractors that we hired.  We found a recurring theme when dealing with contractors:


We have a high turnover rate ...

Contractors come and go based on how well they manage their money.  They don’t have any sense of loyalty, so we have to keep switching contractors.


We don’t get the quality we want …

When contractors bid a job, they always answer the phone.  After the job starts, it’s usually very hard to get a hold of them.  Communication after the start of the job is poor.

Contractors always, boast about their craftsmanship and criticize other contractors.  But when the job doesn’t look good, they always say, that’s the best it will ever get.

We understand that there are always problems that arise, but if a project takes 1 ½ times or even 2 times longer to complete, then we are dealing with a lack of experience.

After the project is done, it’s hard to get them to clean after the mess that they leave behind.  We even had the beer can inside the wall when our drywall was put up.


The bid price kept rising …

We kept making the classical mistake of accepting some of the lower bids.  During the project, we kept noticing that we were being charged for many “unexpected” things:

“price of materials went up”, “we didn’t think about that aspect of the job”,

“can we get another advance, because we ran into some problems”, etc.

Our worst case, we accepted a bid for  $55k and the project ended up to be $98k.  The contractor was living off our payments and trying to finish other jobs


We dealt with flat out crooks …

We accepted a bid, the contractor started the demolition and work, but didn’t know how to finish the work, and took our money and left.


“Necessity … the mother of invention”  Plato

So we didn’t invent anything, but to keep our investment business successful, we had to make changes.  We don’t think that it’s right to be treated wrong and cheated by others. 


NOW, we have our own construction company. 

And the rest … is history.

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