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Your source for wood cabinets, granite countertops, and home furnishing.





Real wood and natural stone enhances the appearance and value of your home.  These materials are also very durable.

  • Our cabinets are 100% wood
  • Granite is the favorite of countertop materials
  • Our furniture are all-wood

If you have questions about the quality of different materials, please visit our resources section. 






Doing real estate investment since 2005, we realized the biggest cost in any home is the kitchen and the bathrooms.  We have found a way to reduce that cost for our customers.  Being our own provider of materials, we can bring you quality that is truly affordable.  We pass the savings straight on to you.  We are more affordable than Lowe’s and Home Depot by 30% or more.





Because you get quality that is very affordable, you might wonder if you will find the styles, colors, and designs that you want.  We have


  • Over 10 cabinet styles
  • Over 30 granite options
  • Over 20 bedroom collections

Our cabinets are highly customizable with more cabinet types than you can even use (lazy susans, dish, wine, glass, and spice racks, appliance garages, etc)...  Please call our sales representative to explain about all the different cabinet styles, cabinet types and sizes, cabinet designs, our popular bedroom makeovers, and many more selections.



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